About This Website

Welcome to the new Alcoholic Anonymous Australian Members website!

Within this space you will find many resources and tools to help connect with other AA members and the still suffering alcoholic.

How do I use this amazing website?

The Navigation Bar at the top will take you to the different areas of the site.

This is your safe place and starting point. You will find all the most popular articles and resources listed here.


Here is where members can share notices, documents, flyers and any other useful information.

Connect with your fellow members through our very own secure and private forums.

A central place to share tools and resources to help us carry the message.

We finally have a place to list out AA events and functions in a central easy to use calendar.

How do I get my notice/event/article/flyer/video/audio posted?

EVENTS: Instructions for how to lodge your own EVENT can be found HERE

 If you want to submit an article or other content please send it to the editorial team at [email protected]

Who runs this site? How can I help?

The site is run and managed by a group of dedicated members doing service. If you have skills in the following areas and would like to engage in some very rewarding service contact us at [email protected]

  • WordPress
  • Website Content Management Systems (CMS) 
  • Social Engagement and Community Management

I’m experiencing a problem! Help!

Send us an email describing the problem to [email protected] and we will do our best to address it as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What about all the content from the old service website?
If there is something from the service website you would like to see posted here all you have to do is copy the URL of the page that you would like to see migrated over (it will look something like this – https://www.aaservice.org.au/membersonly/2022-conference-report/)  and send it in an email to
[email protected]


The editorial team will do its best to migrate it across.

This website is on the Interwebs! How are you protecting Tradition 11?

Some members have expressed concern about how are we protecting Tradition 11 anonymity. We have spent a lot of time working on this and have come up with the following structure.

  • Events – All Events will be publicly available. Please don’t post any information that breaks tradition 11. 
  • Share (Pages and Posts) – These will only be viewed by logged in members by default. Some of the General Posts might be made public. 
  • Comments on Share – These will only be available to logged in members. 
  • Forums. – These will only be accessible to logged in members.


Regions and Areas in Australia

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If you are looking for help with an alcohol problem, or for general information about Alcoholics Anonymous, please go to the General Service Office Website.