Featured AA Website – AA Rainbow Group

March 8, 2023 David M

AA Rainbow Group website What are we all about? Who are we...?  MISSION: AA Rainbow Group's mission is simple – to provide a safe, fun, and enriching experience to the sober LGBTQ community. Our primary purpose is to encourage unity and enhance one’s sobriety.  VISION:  In the spirit of unity...

This week’s audio Question – How do we constructively review our day? Listen to Erin M’s answer

March 7, 2023 David M

Erin's share. You are invited to contribute your answer to this question - How do we constructively review our day? Record your answer on your phone or another device. Start with your name and "How do we constructively review our day?" Keep the share to around 4 minutes or less...

News of the Area website article – More People Giving Up The Grog

March 2, 2023 David M

AA in Local Media This article by News Of The Area - Modern Media on  January 27, 2023 included a helpful link to the Australian AA Meetings Website

New Literature – Fun in Sobriety

February 28, 2023 David M

This new book is available now Fun in Sobriety features 50-plus inspiring stories by members of Alcoholics Anonymous about the many ways they’ve learned to have a good time after putting down the drink. Available from the AA Literature Store or your local Central Office

Featured AA Website – Kenmore AA Group

February 28, 2023 David M

Kenmore AA Group Website Kenmore is a leafy suburb in the west of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The first AA meeting started in the Kenmore Uniting Church in February 1980 by Lyndall and Ross. Since then, it has been to multiple locations but has ended back where it all started! We...