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This article appeared in the Church Life Journal on March 24, 2023

Jesuit Father Edward Dowling (1898-1960), although not an alcoholic himself, is beloved among members of Twelve-Step programs for his ministry to members of Alcoholics Anonymous and others seeking to overcome unwanted habits. He rescued A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson from debilitating depression and gave him the spiritual guidance he needed to bring the fellowship to international prominence. Dowling also championed civil rights and social justice, and was a leading advocate for the electoral system known as proportional representation.

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This new book is available now

Fun in Sobriety features 50-plus inspiring stories by members of Alcoholics Anonymous about the many ways they’ve learned to have a good time after putting down the drink.

Available from the AA Literature Store or your local Central Office

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All Australian online, phone and virtual groups welcome. Please ask your GSR to attend or a group member who can represent your group temporarily.

Zoom Meeting ID: 737 1364 4056
Passcode: 164

The AA Australia Virtual Area was inaugurated in August 2022 and has been officially endorsed by the AGSO. The AA Australia Virtual Area supports any AA group which holds meetings in formats other than face to face (i.e. online, phone etc). The AA Australia Virtual Area provides groups with a voice at the Australian General Service Conference which is held annually in November. We welcome all AA virtual groups wishing to participate in the AA Australia Virtual Area. Please send an email to [email protected]

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On the walls of thousands of A.A. meeting rooms, in any of a variety of languages, this invocation can be seen:

A.A. did not originate it. Versions of it seem to have been used for centuries in various faiths, and it is now widely current outside A.A., as well as within the Fellowship. Whether we belong to this church or that, whether we are humanists, agnostics, or atheists, most of us have found these words a wonderful guide in getting sober, staying sober, and enjoying our sobriety. Whether we see the Serenity Prayer as an actual prayer or just as a fervent wish, it offers a simple prescription for a healthy emotional life.

From the AA conference approved book Living Sober

Book – Living Sober

You can purchase this pamphlet from the Australian National Office Literature website here or from your local Central Service Office.

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