March 15, 2023 David M
Jasmin’s share.

You are invited to contribute your answer to this question – What message do we pass on to newcomers in AA?

  • Record your answer on your phone or another device.
  • Start with your name and “What message do we pass on to newcomers in AA?”
  • Keep the share to around 4 minutes or less and stay on topic please.
  • Share the audio file with us – email to [email protected]
  • We will publish it here on the AA members website and on the SoberQ podcast

For more detailed instructions, see this page on the SoberQ Podcast website.

Alternatively, it you would like to share your written answer to the question, please add to the comments below.

We will be posting a new AA related question each week and inviting members to share their answers with us all.

Thanks for your service.

The SoberQ Podcast is produced by AA members in Melbourne, Australia. It was started during our loooong Covid lockdowns and continues weekly publishing short shares by (mostly) Australian members.

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9 days ago

Thanks for that Jasmin. it was helpful.